Collection: Horse Riding Spurs

Looking for high-quality horse riding spurs? Ayr Equestrian has got you covered.

Our selection includes a variety of styles from roller ball spurs to round end spurs and more, from top equestrian brands Sprenger, Stubben, and Shires. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, we have spurs to suit all levels.

Our range of spurs for dressage, and jumping, will help to achieve better communication and control with your horse. Shop our collection today and find the perfect pair of spurs to enhance your riding experience.

About Horse Riding Spurs

Just like riding whips, spurs are an artificial aid used by riders to back up the natural aids for a quicker sharper response as well as to give the horse more precise aids. Once the rider's leg position has become established and the horses are experienced in clearly understanding instructions from the legs, seat and hands then horse spurs can be useful - particularly for dressage riders - to refine the aids for more advanced work.

Using horse spurs requires experience and caution. The horse's welfare should always be a priority and spurs should never be used to cause horses pain. Spurs are designed to apply pinpoint pressure to a specific area on the horse's side at a definitive moment. The pressure from the spur is then released immediately as positive reinforcement and a reward for the horse's correct behaviour. If spurs are used incorrectly or are over used you risk injuring your horse and leaving spur marks on their sides. Therefore only experienced riders with a calm temperament and good intuition should use horse spurs.

When choosing a pair of spurs to ride it in is important for the rider to consider how sensitive the horse is, their level of training and the security of the rider's leg. Different styles of spurs suit different horses and while experience plays a part, sometimes finding the right type of spur is a case of trial and error.

If your horse is extremely sensitive we recommend using either roller ball spurs, round end spurs or prince of Wales spurs to give clear gentle signals. Roller ball spurs are proving increasingly popular as they are considered a non-marking spur. They are perfect for horses with sensitive or thin skin as they give clear aids without the risk of injury. If your horse is insensitive however we recommend plain rowel spurs for a more effective reaction.

Should you have any questions about our range of spurs or require further advice please contact us. Our friendly, knowledgable team will be more than happy to assist you.

Horse Riding Spurs FAQs

How are spurs attatched to your boots?

The most common way a rider will attach spurs to riding boots is with a spur strap. Spur straps can be made from various materials including leather, patent leather and nylon. Normally spur straps are passed around the instep and heel of your boot, you can then adjust and fasten the straps to suit on top of your foot. Spur straps must fit correctly otherwise they could cause unwanted movement against the horse's sides. 

What type of spurs should I buy?

For first time users we recommend small rounded spurs. Beyond this will depend whether you are going to be using them for dressage, jumping, western or leisure riding. We stock a wide range of spurs suitable for a variety of equestrian activities if you need any help deciding please get in touch.

Can using spurs hurt a horse?

If not used correctly spurs can cause swelling and cuts on the horses sides. Spurs are not recommended for beginners.