Collection: Equestrian Wellies

Equestrian wellies are a must for any rider who needs to be prepared for a variety of conditions. Made from the latest in technical fabrics to help keep you dry and warm and designed so that they’re easy to get on and off, our collection caters for all your needs in terms of riding wellies. Our collection includes a range of styles from top brands like Ariat and GrubsBoots, and a variety of stylish colours including brown, green, grey, and purple, and more to cater to personal preferences.

About Equestrian Wellington Boots

Sometimes there’s just no telling what things will be like underfoot, and wellington boots are the only answer. Designed for those who spend their days in the great outdoors, whether at the yard or navigating muddy fields, our boots are the ultimate ally against the elements. Whilst in many ways, wellington boots could fall into the category of yard boots, they stand apart from typical yard boots due to their specialised waterproof features, tailored for more extensive outdoor use in the muck. For keeping your feet dry and comfortable, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without distraction, there really is no better option. Equipped with superior grip, superior support, they provide safety in muddy or icy conditions, ensuring stability as you move. The robust design of our boots also helps protect your feet from potential injuries while handling horses or performing yard duties.

Our collection, featuring muck boots for both men and women, predominantly features knee-high boots, including options with neoprene lining for added warmth and comfort. In addition to being practical and durable, these boots have been designed to withstand even the muckiest conditions, but they also come in stylish designs that ensure you look as good as you feel while wearing them.

Explore our expansive selection and keep your feet warm with a pair of muckers or wellingtons from Ayr Equestrian. Perfect for horse riding, yard duties, and general outdoor activities, our boots ensure you remain protected, comfortable, and stylish no matter where your tasks take you. Treat yourself to the durability, comfort, and style you deserve with our top-notch muckers and wellingtons.

Equestrian Wellies FAQs

How should muckers and wellingtons fit?

Muckers and wellingtons should fit snugly around your foot to prevent slipping inside the boot, which can cause blisters and discomfort. However, they should not be so tight as to restrict circulation. There should be enough room to comfortably wiggle your toes, and if you plan to wear thick socks, consider trying on boots with those socks to ensure a proper fit. The boots should also make it easy to tuck in pant legs if desired.

Are horse riding wellies and muckers suitable for riding?

While muckers are excellent for yard duties, they are not typically designed for riding. Their bulkier design and tread can interfere with the safe insertion and removal of feet from stirrups. For riding, specifically designed horse riding boots, either long riding boots or jodhpur boots with half chaps are recommended.

What should I look for when buying muckers or wellingtons?

When purchasing muckers or wellingtons, look for boots made from high-quality, durable materials. Consider boots with a lined interior for additional warmth and comfort. Check for a well-designed tread pattern that offers excellent grip. Lastly, consider the height of the boot depending on the depth of mud or water you expect to encounter in the yard.