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Discover Ayr Equestrian's collection of body protectors and air jackets for horse riders. We offer a range of high-quality and durable body protectors, including child-friendly options, from leading equestrian brands.

Whether you're looking for a back protector or a full body protector, we've got you covered. Our body protectors offer peace of mind while riding, ensuring the utmost safety and protection for both children and adults. Shop our selection today and enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

About Horse Riding Body Protectors

When riding there is always the risk of falls and injuries, therefore for many riders, body protectors and riding helmets are already considered standard safety equipment. Helping to protect riders from fractures, bruises and soft tissue injuries to the upper body. Wearing an equestrian body protector is mandatory for eventing but is highly recommended to reduce the risk of injury when jumping, cross country training, hacking out or breaking young horses. Many riding schools now also recommend wearing a body protector when learning to ride.

Equestrian body protectors have evolved greatly over the last 10 - 15 years. Manufacturers have worked tirelessly to develop a range of body protectors that are more breathable, flexible, lightweight and comfortable for riders to wear. Modern styles have been designed to adapt to the rider's body, fitting closely to go almost unnoticed on top of clothing, enhancing comfort and freedom of movement in the saddle.

Body Protectors Safety Information

The best horse riding body protectors are designed to absorb the shock impact in the event of a fall. For affiliated competitions body protectors must comply with BETA standards but we highly recommend buying a body protector to wear that is tested, and meets the highest possible standards for your own safety. The British Equestrian Trade Association are tin charge of testing horse riding body protectors and determining their level of protection and have developed three, widely recognised BETA standards as follows:

BETA Level One (Green Label)

Offering the rider the lowest level of protection, one which is only recommended for licensed jockeys to wear, these horse riding body protectors are designed to be lightweight so as to meet the strict weight standards of professional horse racing.

BETA Level Two (Orange Label)

A level two horse riding body protector offers a moderate level of protection against injury in the saddle and is recommended for low risk activities, daily riding as well as professional riders.

BETA Level Three (Blue Label)

Offering the highest level of protection, a level three horse riding body protector is advised for riders of all levels and disciplines. These high quality body protectors have increased efficiency for reducing impact and preventing bruising and injury from a fall. Safety is a top priority for competition organisers and venues alike therefore the BETA Level 3 2018 standard is the current recognised and required standard for affiliated competitions.

Body Protectors vs Back Protectors

Back and body protectors are very similar in that each style is made from large shock absorbing foam panels designed to protect against fractures and injuries that may result from a fall. However the degree of protection each style provides varies somewhat. A body protector is designed to protect both the chest and spine whereas a back protector solely protects the sensitive spine.

Back protectors are generally considered to be more comfortable than a body protector to wear, fitting snugly like a vest over the top of or even under your clothing. They are ideal for those who are looking for a degree of protection whilst riding in the form of a lighter alternative to a body protector. Compared to body protectors, back protectors are discreet and perceived to be less restrictive but at the cost of providing a lower level of protection. Back protectors come in a range of sizes and are suitable for women, men and little ones.

Horse Riding Body Protectors FAQs

How should a body protector fit?

For body protection to be most effective, the body protector you purchase for riding must be the perfect fit just like your riding helmet. If your body protector is too big, it'll be too loose and therefore won't correctly absorb any impact in the event of a fall. Meanwhile if your body protector is too tight it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement. The modern-day adult and kids body protector comes in a range of different sizes and back lengths, as well as being fully adjustable at the shoulders, chest and sides to achieve the desired snug fit required to keep you as safe as possible.

Proper fitting of your body protector is essential, for further advice please contact us or visit us in store to have your body protector professionally fitted by a qualified member of our team.

Do body protectors work for horse riding?

Horse riding body protectors are designed to shield our internal organs, defend the chest and ribs and guard against soft tissue damage. While they cannot completely eliminate the risk of injury they have been scientifically proven to reduce the severity.

How do I choose a body protector for horse riding?

It is important to pick a Body Protector that meets current BETA safety requirements. We would always recommend choosing a level 3 body protector for maximum protection across all riding disciplines. Other alternatives like the Racesafe Motion Lite Back Protector and Helite Air Vest are great if you're looking for lighter, more discrete alternatives for everyday riding but provide only low level protection. If you need any help choosing the perfect body protector please get in touch!