Collection: Horse Riding Jackets & Gilets

Keep yourself warm and stylish on horseback with Ayr Equestrian's collection of horse riding jackets and gilets.

Our range of equestrian jackets includes our personally tried and tested preferred brands, such as Le Mieux, Ariat, and Aubrion. It features a variety of styles and designs to suit every rider's taste. From ladies' riding coats to equestrian gilets, we'll ensure you always look stylish in the saddle.

About Horse Riding Jackets

Horse riding jackets and gilets come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials to keep you cozy and warm in all weather conditions and during all your riding activities. Our horse riding jacket collection has been meticulously curated to bring you an abundance of options to choose from, ranging from classic warming jackets, fleece jackets and quilted coats to show jackets, waterproof horse riding jacket options, and more. We offer quality jackets and horse riding coats for women, kids, and a men’s outerwear category to help you find your ideal fit.

Our collection of riding coats features jackets crafted from only the finest and most durable materials, including wool, technical fabrics, thermal fleeces, and breathable waterproof materials like Gore-Tex®. Each of these materials promises to keep you comfortably warm and dry in the saddle, whether you are riding on a crisp autumn morning or tackling the track in rain, sleet, or snow. Many of our available options even come with removable inner linings, allowing you to customise your level of cold protection depending on your local climate, weather conditions, and personal preferences.

The horse riding jacket you choose should depend on a number of key factors to ensure that you select the perfect fit. The first of these considerations is climate. Summer rides usually require a lightweight and breathable jacket, which will provide sun, wind, and rain protection and keep you comfortably dry by wicking moisture away from your skin. Heavyweight jackets are best suited to the cooler winter months, helping to trap heat between the layers of your clothing to provide lasting warmth when you need it the most. Consider your riding discipline as well; as a competitive rider, you may opt for a classic show jacket to look on form during contests, while breathable jackets and fleeces or even a stylish bomber jacket may be better suited for trail riding and training sessions.

A horse riding gilet may be an optimal choice if you are seeking a great option for layering or staying warm during mildly cool days. These purpose-designed vests come without sleeves, offering ideal arm mobility and giving you the choice to wear them underneath a jacket for additional warmth during colder days. Our range of gilets from reputable brands includes durable and lightweight horse riding vests, which are lighter than jackets and will provide enduring warmth without a bulky feel or appearance.

Style is another essential aspect of selecting your horse riding jacket. We bring you a diverse selection of styles to choose from, ranging from cool and casual options to formal jackets and coats that are perfect for competitive wardrobes. Our jackets come in a range of fine colours, patterns, and prints as well, giving you the option to tailor your horse riding attire to your unique sense of style and individuality, and to complement your existing jumpers and fleeces.

No matter your local weather conditions or riding preferences, our collection brings you the perfect jackets, gilets, and horse riding coat styles to meet your needs. Our quality jackets will keep you comfortable, warm, and ready to ride with confidence, come rain or shine. Explore our full range of horse riding jackets online and transform your riding experiences with Ayr Equestrian.

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