Collection: Headcollars & Leadreins

Headcollars and leadreins are an essential tool required by every horse owner. Whether you are transporting, tying up, or leading your horse a high-quality headcollar allows you to stay in control keeping you and your equine companion safe. At Ayr Equestrian we offer a range of headcollars and leadropes designed with both functionality and your horse’s comfort in mind.

Our carefully selected headcollars are crafted from durable materials and available in a range of styles, sizes, and colours. Explore our collection from top equestrian brands including Arma, Eskadron and Le Mieux and give your horse the comfort and security they deserve. From daily use to special occasions, our selection of headcollar and leadropes are tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

Why Does My Horse Need a Headcollar?

A headcollar, also know as a halter, is essential for managing and handling a horse. It allows you to be in command when leading or handling reducing the risk of accidents. During early training, a halter can be used to teach basic commands and manners such as being led, stopping, and standing still.

When you need to tie your horse/pony up during grooming, tacking up or for farrier procedures a halter provides a safe and secure way to do so. In case of emergency, a headcollar allows for quick and effective control, which can be crucial.

Choosing the right headcollar 

There are several factors to consider when choosing your halter, these include the purpose. If you require a halter for everyday use, consider one constructed from nylon. Nylon is both durable and easy to clean. Our selection of nylon headcollars are available in a rainbow of colours, from shades of blue, red, pink, purple, navy and grey to name a few, your favourite is sure to be had. Adjustable points guarantee a custom size. Select brands also cater for the small pony and foals.

Leather headcollars provide an elegant and professional look and are the preferred choice for competitions and equestrian events. However, the leather headcollar has many benefits. A natural material, leather tends to be more comfortable for your horse/pony, softening over time and adapting to the shape of the horse’s head. If cleaned, conditioned and stored in a dry place, a leather halter will last for years remaining supple and soft. Although leather is strong it can break under extreme pressure, reducing the risk of injury should your horse get caught on something.

Should your equine companion have sensitive skin consider a headcollar with soft padding or fleece to prevent rubbing and irritation. The Arma Faux Fur Headcollar and Leadrope set priced at £22.50 ticks all the boxes and is available in navy and red sizes pony, cob, full, and extra full size.

If you horse will be wearing a halter while turned out in the field, a field safe headcollar or breakaway halter is essential. These head collars have a breakable component that will release if the horse gets caught preventing injury. 

Getting the perfect fit

Choosing the right size of headcollar (halter) is essential for both comfort and safety. Head collars typically are sold in standard sizes: pony, cob, full and extra full. If unsure of measurements, please consult the size guide on our website or contact us for more information.

 Once you have received your purchase adjust it properly. The noseband should sit 1-2 inches below the cheekbone and be snug but not tight around the nose. The cheekpieces should sit comfortably along the sides of the face without rubbing. The poll strap should rest behind the ears, with enough room to avoid pinching. Our stock of head collars have adjustable points and are secured with robust buckles and/or clips. They are designed to ensure optimal comfort and security.

Regularly review the fit as growth, weight changes and coat thickness can all affect the fit. Observe your pony for signs of discomfort, such as head-shaking, rubbing or resistance. Inspect for pressure points or signs of rubbing, especially around the nose and behind the ears.

Field Safe Headcollar

A field safe headcollar, also known as a field safe halter, is designed to guarantee your horse's safety and minimize the risk of injury should they become entangled on fences, trees or other objects. These adjustable headcollars features a breakaway release system that will snap or break under force allowing the headcollars to fall from the horse if trapped preventing injury. A field safe headcollar is constructed from softer, more flexible materials that are less likely to cause harm should horses pull against them.

A field safe headcollar is ideal for horses that need to wear a halter whilst in the field, such as those being monitored for medical reasons or those that need to be caught easily. Keep your horse cool, comfortable and safe with the Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar, colours available include black, brown and navy. Features include adjustable noseband and headpiece for a custom fit and quick release clip for easy removal. Field safe headcollars can also be used when tying up young or nervous horses.

Accessories for you headcollars

Shop our extensive range of accessories for your headcollars. Discover the perfect leadrope to compliment your new headcollars/halters. Our lead ropes are available in a range of lengths, fabrics and colours. Mix and match from classic colours including classic black, brown or navy blue. Or maybe hot pink or baby blue is more your horses preference? 

Shop the selection of leather leads from Ascot to compliment your horses leather headcollar, available with or without chains, they will complete your look in the showing arena adding that winning touch. 

The Velociti Gara Leather Breakaway Attachment is a gamechanger! This leather insert transforms traditional nylon headcollars into a safer option by creating a weak point more likely to break if caught of should horses panic. 

Control Headcollars 

These headcollars are designed to provide better control of horses, especially one that is strong or difficult to manage. These horse head collars are generally made from robust material and apply tension to specific points in the horse’s head, such us the nose and the chin to encourage compliance without causing harm. Some control headcollars include additional straps or chains that can be adjusted to increase or decrease pressure as needed and are more forgiving than previously used rope halters. They may have a chain which goes under the chin and connects to the lead rope, providing more leverage. 

A horse may wear such if needed during veterinary visits or when leading by challenging situations. Proper use of these control headcollars involves understanding how to apply and release force correctly to avoid causing distress. Always ensure the correct size and fit before usage. 

Summary when buying headcollars

  • Always ensure you have the correct fit, adjusting the noseband and headpiece when necessary, if in doubt check manufacturers guidelines. 
  • Consider the needs of your horse ensuring safety and comfort as a priority. Read the review from previous customers who have used the product.
  • Regularly inspect your headcollars for signs of wear and tear
  • Go traditional or go crazy for colours! Classic leather headcollars may be an expensive purchase but if maintained will make a worthy investment. However, the nylon headcollar is budget friendly, and who can resist the dazzling array of patterns and colours on offer. 

Ayr Equestrian Headcollars Offer

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Headcollar & Leadrein FAQs

How should a headcollar fit?

Your horses' headcollar should fit snugly around your horses face without being too tight or too loose. As a guide we recommend being able to fit two fingers between your horses face and the headcollar for optimal comfort.

What makes a headcollar field safe?

A field safe headcollar features a velcro brakeaway strap under the headpiece buckle. This means that should the horse become stuck or caught the headcollar will release and the hore will be able to break away.

Can I leave a headcollar on my horse?

It is not recommended to leave a headcollar on your horse whilst unattended. However if leaving a headcollar on your horse in unavoidable we recommend using either a leather or field safe hedcollsr sad these are more likely to brake in an emergency.