Collection: Horse Riding Gloves

At Ayr Equestrian we understand the importance of high quality riding gloves that are comfortable, protect the hands, and don't break the bank. That's why we offer a wide range of riding gloves for adults and children that are suitable for a variety of equestrian disciplines.

Our collections of riding gloves come in different materials, colours and styles - including waterproof and insulated designs that will keep your hands warm and dry in cold, wet weather. With so many leading brands to choose from, our selection of riding gloves will have you spoilt for choice. Shop now and give your hands the protection they deserve.

About Horse Riding Gloves

For novice riders or those at the beginning of their equestrian journey, riding gloves may seem like an unnecessary piece of riding equipment that is only required during the winter months for keeping your hands warm. Many adults tend to think that wearing riding gloves will restrict the movement of their hands and fingers when riding, as well as their ability to feel the horses signals through the rein. However this is not the case, wearing a correctly fitted pair of riding gloves that are comfortable and functional not help only protect you hands but enhance feeling down the rein.

There are two main reasons we recommend riders use riding gloves: 

To protect the riders hands against chaffing and blistering that occurs when holding on to leather reins for a prolonged period of time. While winter riding gloves are also ideal for keeping your hands warm and dry protecting them against the elements. 

Another crucial reason riders should use riding gloves is to help improve their grip on the reins. Proper high quality riding gloves will adapt to the riders hands enhancing sensitivity and control of your horse. To enable an improved grip, the palms of riding gloves are designed from anti-slip fabrics with silicone, properly dressed leather or other synthetic materials. Some riders prefer a small amount of additional grip while others prefer to feel like their hand care glued to the reins. 

When choosing a pair of riding gloves it is important to consider the conditions that you will use them in. At Ayr Equestrian we stock a range of riding gloves for both summer and winter riding conditions. Winter riding gloves are generally made from thicker materials and are more padded than summer riding gloves which are manufactured from lighter, more breathable fabrics. You'll also find technical riding gloves that are extremely versatile, with the ability to retain warmth whilst also being breathable. These styles are ideal for riders looking for a pair of riding gloves they can wear all year round. 

Overall we fully recommend riding gloves as an excellent investment for any rider - adults and children. Our range of riding gloves has been hand picked to provide the best in comfort, grip and durability making them ideal for all levels of rider to use. Whether you're a competitive or leisure rider our selection of riding gloves can be used interchangeably across all equestrian disciplines. 

Properly fitting riding gloves will make your rides more comfortable and safer. If you are unsure which pair of riding gloves to choose or need advice on sizing please get in touch with us.

Riding Gloves FAQs

Do I really need gloves for horse riding?

Wearing gloves whilst horse riding is highly recommended for several reasons, but most importantly for your safety. Horse riding gloves are designed to protect your hands from friction that will cause blisters, calluses and burns from the reins being pulled and rubbing against your hands. Riding gloves therefore improve comfort while also providing improved grip on the reins enabling better control over your horse also. 

Do I need more than one pair of riding gloves?

Ideally we recommend both adults and children have more than one pair of riding gloves. Within our range of riding gloves at Ayr Equestrian we have a variety of styles suitable for riding, yard work or competition use. You'll even find some waterproof styles too! When purchasing riding gloves remember its important to consider the conditions you'll be using them in and wet you'll be using them for. 

How should a riding glove fit?

When trying on riding gloves make sure the palm of your hand, wrist and fingers fit in the gloves snugly. If the material is too loose this will affect the grip on the reins which will limit performance. Ensure the velcro closure used to fasten the gloves fastens snugly across the top of your wrist and doesn't sit to low as this may influence how you hold the reins. Riding gloves also need to fit correctly over your knuckles as if they are too tight this can restrict movement when holding the reins. To test for flexibility clench your fist tightly into a ball. If the material pulls too tight you may need to size up or if there's excess material you may need to size down.