Collection: Numnahs

Looking for a numnah that offers both comfort and style for your equine partner? Look no further! At Ayr Equestrian, we house a diverse range of high-quality numnahs designed to suit every discipline and preference.

Whether you're a dressage or showing enthusiast seeking a sleek, close-contact pad or a jumping pro needing a breathable, shock-absorbing numnah, we have something for you. We offer a variety of materials, thicknesses, and styles to ensure your horse experiences optimal comfort during training and competition.

Don't settle for just any style Explore our extensive collection from top brands such as LeMieux and choose the perfect fit for your horse's needs. Browse now and elevate your rides!

About Numnahs

Numnahs and saddle pads have been used for centuries by all levels of rider including professional, amateur and even your low key leisure riders. Both styes are designed to fit underneath the saddle and serve a similar purpose - absorbing sweat while providing extra cushioning to protect the horses back from any friction that my be caused by the saddle. Most saddle pads and numnahs are made from either wool, cotton or synthetic fabrics and while the functions of both are largely the same, the main difference between the two types of pads is fundamentally the size and shape.

Numnahs are shaped just like a general purpose saddle, fitting snugly so as only a small proportion of the pad is visible around the edges of the saddle whereas saddle pads are generally larger, squarer in shape enabling a greater proportion of the pad to be left on display once it's been placed under the saddle. Generally whether you choose to use a numnah or a saddle pad is based on your own personal preference, however for horse showing numnahs are the traditional choice whereas for jumping and dressage saddle pads are a more modern fashionable fit.

Numnah Top Picks

Our range of high quality, durable numnahs from LeMieux & Arma are available in a range of conservative colours such as black and brown - ideal for showing - as well as more vibrant colours such as blue and green suitable for everyday wear. Shaped for most general purpose and showing saddles each of the numnahs in our range have a unique combination of benefits. 

Discover premium pads with anti-slip gel designs such as the Acavallo Gel Show Numnah from LeMieux which provides our horse's an additional shock absorbing layer that helps to keep the saddle in place, while the suede underside of these numnahs helps to absorb sweat keeping the horse comfortable in the heat. Meanwhile at a more affordable price we have pads such as the Arma Fully Lined Numnah which is not only aesthetically pleasing but great for providing extra protection. Fully lined with fleece this style offers the horse super soft cushioning and reduced pressure underneath the saddle as well as increased airflow to help keep them cool in the heat. Finally the Arma Numnah is the perfect pad to accommodate everyday wear -available in a range of vibrant colours this lightweight, breathable cotton finished pad instantly wicks away sweat keeping the horse comfortable whilst looking smart.

Cleaning Numnahs and Saddle Pads

When it comes to cleaning and washing your numnahs and saddle pads please follow the washing instructions on the brands label. Some basic tips for cleaning include:

  1. Loosen all the hair, mud and sweat with a rubber curry comb.
  2. Shake off or vacuum the loose hair form your numnahs and saddle pads
  3. Wash according to manufactures label. Some pads may require to be hand washed. Remember white pads should be washed separately.
  4. Air dry - never put saddle pads or numnahs in the tumble dryer.

Numnah FAQs

Can I use half pads or riser pads with a numnah or saddle pad?

Yes you can use either half pads or riser pads with numnahs and saddle pads. When using these kind of pads alongside your numnahs and saddle pads provides extra protection for the horses back and are increasingly popular especially for showjumping and dressage. When fitting ensure they are placed in between the saddle and either the numnah or saddle pad and are a similar size. 

How should a numnah or saddle pad fit?

Correctly fitted numnahs and saddle pads should be pulled up in to the gullet of the saddle to prevent any unwanted pressure across the horses spine or withers. Any straps on the numnah or saddle pad should be secured to help prevent slipping and the pads should sit flat across the horse's back with no creases or folds.

What Size of Numnah or Saddle Pad do I need?

When considering what size of pad you need use the length of your saddle as a guide.  As well as whether you normally buy horsewear items in pony, cob or full size.