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Ariat Footwear Technology Explained

Ariat footwear is renowned as the leading Equestrian footwear brand and is fast becoming a well-recognised country footwear brand.  This recognition does not go undeserved.  Since being founded in 1993, Ariat has had unrivalled comfort and quality, offering customers shoes and boots that will not only last but that they will love wearing.  Whether it is a riding boot, a pair of Ariat country boots, or even a pair of Arat casual shoes, you are sure not to be disappointed in the maximum comfort offered by their performance footwear.

When purchasing new boots, you must consider how often you will wear them and what you will wear them for to ensure you get the best possible boot.  Ariat offers a variety of footwear technologies to suit different levels of wear, from casual wear to leisure and high-performance riding.

4LR Technology

For everyday wear, whether you’re looking for something casual or a riding boot, we recommend looking at Ariat Footwear with 4LR technology incorporated.  This entry-level footwear technology from Ariat is perfect for everyday support and comfort as it features a four-layer footbed that provides enhanced cushioning and comfort for your feet.  Boots featuring 4LR Technology help to stabilise your feet by adding a built-in lightweight stabilising shank.  As a result, this added stability enables Ariat footwear with 4LR technology to offer more significant support for our feet compared to ordinary casual/ riding boots.  Finally, the Dura-tread outsole found on footwear with built-in 4LR technology allows maximum wear resistance when worn daily. 

One of our best-selling Riding boots featuring 4LR technology is the Ariat Palisade Tall Boot.  This traditional tall riding boot is suitable for everyday riding yet stylish enough to wear at shows.  However, if you’d rather wear a short boot – the Ariat Heritage IV Zip Paddock Boot is a favourite with riders of all levels.  You can team it up with the Ariat Unisex Concord Chap for riding or wear it on its own in the yard.  For a more casual style with 4LR technology, we recommend the Ariat Windermere H2O.  This stylish yet versatile country boot is ideal for wearing whilst walking or working in the yard.  It also features a stirrup-friendly sole making them suitable for riding too.

4LR Ariat technology

ATS Technology

Step it up, and you’ll find superior comfort and stability in Ariat’s mid-level ATS Technology.  Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) Technology supports and cushions the foot and leg as you move, which promotes good posture and reduces fatigue in the leg and foot so that you can work and play in your boots all day.  Footwear with incorporated ATS Technology features a moisture-wicking footbed to ensure your feet stay dry, cool and comfortable whilst working all day.  The ATS footbed is also gel cushioned with a heel stabiliser to enhance support, stability and rebound.  This additional stability from the lightweight, ergonomic composite forked shank is unique to ATS Footwear.  This technology can be combined with a variety of use-specific outsoles, making it an extremely versatile footbed that features across the majority of the Ariat range.

Popular boots with ATS Technology include the Ariat Grasmere H2O.  Chosen by riders across the globe for many years, the Grasmere H2O boots will be your best friend as they are supportive, reliable, stylish, and comfortable.  Another customer favourite is the Ariat Telluride H2O.  This year-round best-seller has evolved over the years to perform and provide all-day comfort with no matter what outdoor pursuit you choose.

ATS Ariat technology

ATS Pro Technology

Even Ariat’s ATS Footwear Technology comes with an upgrade.  Level up to Ariat’s Innovative ATS Pro Mid-Level Technology for footwear designed with advanced stability and superior comfort.  ATS Pro Technology is highly reliable and built to perform.  Featuring a full-length anatomically engineered polyurethane footbed, ATS PRO Technology provides advanced long-lasting support to the foot and leg as you move.  The ATS Pro footbed has also been enhanced with Agion Technology to wick away moisture and keep your feet odour free when worn all day.

Meanwhile, the Base-layer air vents found in Ariat’s ATS PRO Technology Footwear help regulate temperature.  They keep your feet cool and comfortable whilst working in the yard or riding for long periods.  The addition of Smart Rebound Technology within ATS Pro enables pressure to be dissipated across the forefoot and cushions the heel, again offering superior support for hardworking feet.  Finally, hardworking feet require hardworking outsoles, so Ariat Pro Technology features Dura-tread outsoles for maximum wear resistance.

Ariat’s Insulated Burford is one of our best-sellers featuring ATS Pro Technology, and as performance welly, it is an absolute must-have for your country wardrobe.  Meanwhile, Ariat Coniston Max also features ATS PRO Technology.  It is a popular choice with customers looking for a hard-wearing, versatile boot that they can wear all year round for yard work or leisure riding.  Finally, we can’t forget the Skyline Summit GTX.  This short boot is up for any outdoor challenge you throw its way and is a favourite with customers who enjoy more challenging walks in the countryside.

Nitro Technology

If all that technology wasn’t enough, put your best foot forward and step out into Ariat’s latest Nitro Footwear Technology.  Nitro Technology is a showcase of advanced technology for peak performance and is what you choose when you want the best for your feet.  Boots with built-in Ariat Nitro Technology feature a revolutionary footbed designed with premium technology.  This premium technology delivers a lightweight combination of flexibility and engineered support that will cushion and stabilise your foot and leg, enabling flawless performance in and out of the saddle.  The Nitro footbed also includes the new ShockShield Technology in the heel, providing superior shock absorption for all-day comfort.  By adding this extra layer of shock-reducing material in the heel, Nitro Technology diffuses the concussion felt in the foot from repeated ground impacts, minimising the fatigue felt by the body.  Nitro Technology also features a Dura-tread outsole built to last for ultimate durability.

The Devon, Ariat’s most prestigious paddock boot, features the latest Nitro Technology designed to perform.  A popular choice with all levels of rider, the Devon Nitro is the perfect all-around short boot that offers superior support and comfort for any hardworking equestrian on their feet all day.  The Devon Nitro ticks all the boxes.  Its sleek design enables us to team this paddock boot up with the Close Contour Show Chap for riding or jeans to wear casually.

Nitro Ariat Technology


These footwear technologies from Ariat are therefore worth bearing in mind the next time you’re looking to buy a new pair of boots.  Make sure to consider what you will wear your shoes and how long you plan to wear them.  Ensuring you pick boots with the right footwear technology for their intended purpose will result in a longer lifespan of your footwear and optimal comfort for you.  So you perform at your best in any situation. 

Contact us if you need help determining which boots and footwear technology is proper for you!

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