Collection: Chaps & Over Trousers

At Ayr Equestrian we have the perfect selection of chaps and over trousers tailored to meet your needs and price. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, we offer a range of sizes, materials, and designs to suit. Our collection features high-quality, durable, and stylish products designed to enhance your riding experience by helping keep you warm and dry. Committed to excellence, we source our stock from trusted manufacturers to ensure comfort, protection, and performance.

About Chaps & Over Trousers

Chaps are designed to be worn over trousers and riding boots offering additional grip, protection, and support whilst in the saddle. They are commonly used for everyday riding. Full chaps fit snugly round the waist and cover the whole of the riders leg while half chaps cover the lower leg from the ankle to just below the knee. Both secure with a zipper or velcro and elasticated strap under the riding boot.

Gaiter chaps are used to imitate the appearance of a tall riding boot, they cover the leg from the ankle to just below the knee, securing with a full-length zip at the rear. Typically, they are made from leather materials and are worn in combination with short jodhpur boots. Gaiters offer an elegant, polished look suitable for competitions and formal riding events.

Benefits of Riding Chaps & Gaiters

Riding in chaps offers several benefits, including enhanced grip and stability, which improves rider control and security. They prevent against chafing and pinching from stirrup leathers, ensuring a more comfortable ride. Waterproof and fleece lined chaps also add a layer of warmth in cooler weather whilst keeping the legs dry and free from dirt and debris. Our versatile selection of chaps are available in a range of sizes to accommodate both small and wide calves 

Riding in gaiters chaps offers the advantage of a sleek, professional appearance similar to tall boots, making them ideal for competitions and formal events. They provide excellent support to the lower leg, enhancing stability and control. Their sturdy construction, often from leather, offers durability, and are worn combined with short riding boots, providing versatility and ease of use.

Finding The Correct Fit

Firstly, put on the riding breeches/trousers and socks you will be wearing with the chaps. Next sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, and measure the widest part of your calf, remember this measurement. In order to get your leg length, position your leg at a 90-degree angle and measure from the floor to the crease at the back of your knee, again note this measurement. Use these measurements to find your correct size of chaps from the manufacturers size chart and ensure your perfect fit.    

Choosing The Right Materials

Leather offers a classic look, excellent durability and moulds to your leg over time providing a custom fit. They are ideal to wear at riding events and competitions and events. With regular care leather chaps/gaiters are a worthwhile investment.

Suede provides a soft, comfortable feel with good grip and flexibility. Less durable than leather, they can be harder to clean especially in wet conditions. However, suede riding chaps are a great choice for riders looking for a balance of convenience and style.

Synthetic fabrics are lightweight, easy to wear and generally more affordable than leather. They tend not to be available in the abundance of size options that leather chaps are, but are perfect for everyday riding.

Chaps & Over Trousers FAQs

Should I wear half chaps or full chaps?

In general, full chaps are preferred for activities like endurance riding or when maximum leg protection is required. Full chaps can be hotter to wear and less breathable than half chaps, however whether you choose full chaps or half chaps ultimately depends on rider preference.

Do I need waterproof chaps or overtrousers?

We absolutely recommend a pair of waterproof trousers or chaps. They are essential for anyone spending any amount of time outside with their horse as there is nothing worse than getting wet and cold in the yard or in the saddle.

How should I dry my chaps if they get wet?

Do not put your chaps or over trousers in the tumble dryer as the will shrink. Hang them up either outside on a warm day in the shade or somewhere warm in your house to air dry.