Collection: Horse Tendon Boots

At Ayr Equestrian, we understand the importance of protecting your horse's legs during jumping and cross country. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality tendon and fetlock boots for horses, designed to protect your horse from serious impacts and strikes.

Our boots come in various materials, including leather and synthetic, and offer a range of technical features to improve your horse's performance. Choose from top brands like Le Mieux, Arma, and Acavallo and give your horse the protection they deserve.

About Horse Tendon Boots

As an equestrian enthusiast you understand the importance of keeping your horse safe and sound during training, competitions, and everyday rides. Tendon and fetlock boots are an invaluable tool for safeguarding your horse from potential damage.

Tendon and fetlock boots offer protection to your horse during riding activities, particularly show jumping, eventing and dressage. Tendon and fetlock boots serve to protect your horse’s leg from injuries and provide support during strenuous exercise.

What is the difference between tendon boots and fetlock?

Tendon boots are designed to protect the horse’s tendons. They are worn on the front legs and typically cover the cannon bone and the tendons, offering protection from obstacles or from the hind hooves during jumping or fast work.

Fetlock boots are worn on the hind legs around the fetlock joint. These boots protect the fetlock joint from bumps or strikes. This is especially important during activities involving jumping where the horse's legs are under significant stress and risk of injuries.

What do tendon boots do for horses? 

At Ayr Equestrian we have chosen a range of tendon and fetlock boots from the top brands that offer optimum support and injury prevention. Our boots offer a physical barrier between your horses legs and hazard such as rocks, poles, or uneven terrain. In addition, these boots provide additional support to the tendons and ligaments during strenuous exercise like jumping or galloping reducing strain and prevent overextension of the joints.

Many of our horse tendon boots supply impact absorption via padding or shock absorbing materials, which can cushion the impact on the horses leg. Our stock of tendon boots are crafted with advanced materials that prioritise airflow and ventilation. These materials promote breathability which aid air circulation, preventing overheating of the tendon and moisture build-up. Boots can also help prevent overreach wounds by providing a protective layer around the fetlock area.

In cases where horses/ponies have sustained an injury, tendon boots and fetlock boots can aid the healing process by providing support and protection to the affected area.

Choosing your tendon/fetlock boots 

Size and fit is crucial, ensuring adequate protection and comfort. At Ayr Equestrian our selection of tendon/fetlock boots are available in a range of sizes to suit ponies and horses, with selected brands offering cob and XL options. Most manufacturers provide size guides to help you choose the right fit but do contact us should you require additional assistance.

Our tendon boots come with various adjustable closure systems such as Velcro, buckles or elastic closures which ensure a snug fit to avoid slipping or friction. Take care not to overtighten as this can discomfort and restrict movement.

Consider the terrain and activities your horse participates in. For example, if you are primarily riding on rough terrain or compete in show jumping or XC you may need more robust boots compared to a horse used for light hacking or flatwork.

Decide on your preference. If you value lightweight, breathable boots then look no further than the LeMieux tendon boots. Should comfort be a deciding factor then opt for a boot with faux sheepskin lining, we suggest the Arma Oxi-Zone Supafleece boots. For tendon boots with added freedom of movement Eskadron is a great option, featuring a flexible zone within an anatomical design, they are also available in a smart range of colours to suit your tack or outfit!

Horse Tendon Boots FAQs

Do tendon boots go on the front or back legs?

Tendon boots are worn on the front legs. They are designed to protect the front of the cannon bone and the tendons from impact and shocks, particularly in disciplines like show jumping and eventing.

What are fetlock boots used for?

Fetlock boots are worn on the hind legs to protect the fetlock joint from injuries or interference. They are designed to provide support and protection to the back of the fetlock while allowing freedom of movement.

How do you put on tendon boots?

Make sure the legs are clean of mud/dirt. Next, determine the left and right boot. Slide the put down from the knee, you will feel it fit into place as they are shaped at the bottom to fit over the fetlock. Fasten the straps, one at a time. The straps need to be snug enough so the boots won’t slip down, but never tight. You should be able to squeeze your finger between the boot and the leg. Make sure the pressure is even for all straps to avoid pressure on one part of the leg