Collection: Men's Footwear

Discover our premium range of mens horse riding boots, from top equestrian brands on the market, designed for performance, durability, and style. Perfect for all riding disciplines, our boots ensure superior grip and support. Step up your riding experience with quality footwear crafted for performance and elegance.

About Mens Footwear

Long Men's Riding Boots

Experience unmatched comfort and style with our men's long riding boots. Crafted from premium leather, they provide superior durability, support, and elegance for every equestrian enthusiast. Perfect for all disciplines and available in a range of widths in UK and EU sizes, perfect in the competition arena!

Short Men's Riding Boots

Our collection of stylish, men's jodhpur boots offer exceptional comfort, durability, and support, perfect for horse riding and casual wear.

Ankle support provides excellent stability and safety while riding. A snug fit reduces movement, allowing a closer feel to the horse.

Jodhpur boots have a smooth sole and small heel, preventing the foot from getting caught in the stirrup enhancing safety.

Short boots are easy to put on and take off and can be worn with half chaps.

Available in a range of both EU and UK sizing.

Casual Men's Riding Boots 

For those looking for a crossover men's riding boots with the added benefit of both style and performance look no further than the Ariat Telluride collection.

These rugged boots are waterproof and provide ultimate stability and comfort whilst in the saddle. An ATS footbed and EVA shock absorbing midsole help to eliminate foot fatigue for those on the go.

These roomy boots allow for thick socks keeping feet warm in the coldest weather. Available in an extensive range of EU/UK sizes.

 What to consider when buying men's horse riding boots

Fit and comfort

Always measure your feet accurately, whilst wearing socks, and refer to the manufacturer’s size chart. Choose riding boots with cushioned insoles and adequate arch support. 


Look for boots made from durable, high-quality leather materials to enhance longevity. Shop for a pair of riding boots with good ventilation to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Types of Riding Boot

Select boots suitable for your riding discipline (e.g., dressage – long riding boots, show jumping, casual riding – short riding boots and chaps).

Consider if you need boots that can be used both for riding and everyday wear.

Safety Features

Check for reinforced toes to protect against impact. Choose a pair of mens boots with a sturdy sole that provides good grip and stability.


Determine your price and find boots that offer the best value for money to meet your price point. 

Always purchase from well-known, reputable market brands such as Ariat, Dublin or Moretta and check customer reviews.

Mens Footwear FAQs

Can I ride in a pair of mens wellington boots?

Unfortunately, wellington boots are not suitable for riding due to a lack of proper heel and sole grip. However, they are super for wearing with your thickest socks in winter to keep your feet warm and cosy during yard chores.

Do I need long riding boots?

No, long boots are not essential footwear, short riding boots with half chaps can be a good alternative to long boots, providing flexibility, support and protection.