Leather Accessories

Shop for bridle and saddle accessories in our Leather Accessories category at Ayr Equestrian. With small essentials such as rubber rein stops to beautiful browband accessories for competitions, we have all the horse supplies that you’re looking for. Browse our selection including products from Dever and Korsteel.

For competitions, we have an excellent selection of horse & pony browbands. With browbands in cob, full and pony sizes, your horse will be able to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for blinging up your bridle for dressage competitions! We have a great range of styles to choose from – click on the individual brow bands for the full range of colours available.

Individual Flash Straps are available to replace any lost or damaged flash nosebands on your bridle. They can also be used to convert a cavesson bridle in to a flash bridle. A flash converter is required for this. These are sold separately and can also be found in the Leather Accessories category.

There is also a range of small leatherwork essentials available – including Irish martingales, rubber rein stops and rubber martingale stoppers.