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Ariat jackets make Ariat one of the market leaders in premium equestrian wear.

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Ariat International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium equestrian wear. Beginning life as a boot brand, Ariat now host a large selection of innovative, practical and stylish equestrian wear. In particular the wide selection of Ariat jackets make them one of the market leaders.

Of special note are the soft shell jackets. A soft shell Ariat jackets combines the benefits of waterproof hard shell jackets with more sophisticated and comfortable fabric, such as microfleece. The soft shell Ariat jackets wicks any moisture away from the body, helping to regulate body temperature in order to provide a better riding experience. The Ariat soft shell jackets are slimline and incredibly flexible, they move with your body and are perfect for both riding and around the yard. The soft shell Ariat team jackets are the jacket that every equestrian athlete aspires to wear.


Heavy duty waterproof Ariat Jackets

Of course there are times when a heavy duty waterproof coat is the only thing that will suffice and Ariat jackets have a comprehensive range of parka style waterproofs. In a variety of colours and both long and short length parka style Ariat jackets you will find a style that suits every wardrobe. These jackets don’t just look good, they are highly crafted performance wear. The parka style jackets are made from waterproof stretch shell with a breathable honeycomb inner quilting. Details such as inner storm cuffs and waterproof seam sealing and zipper construction ensures a rider stays as dry as possible. The equestrian experience is always paramount and touches such as saddle vents and hoods that are sized to fit over helmets show that Ariat jackets are made by riders for riders.


A recent innovation are down Ariat Jackets. These jackets use the warmth of insulating down feathers found under the outer layer on the bodies of certain ducks and geese. These feathers are lightweight, easily compressible and the loose structure traps air to prevent heat loss. In the Ariat down jackets, this traditional material is combined with cutting edge athletic and movement technology, to allow freedom of movement without compromising any warmth.

With such a wide selection of Ariat jackets on offer, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular and well respected purveyors of equestrian wear.

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