Clippers & Trimmers

View our excellent range of Clippers and Trimmers at Ayr Equestrian. Keep your horses hair and coat neat and tidy. We have a wide range of products, suitable for small touch ups on your horse’s whiskers to keeping their coat clipped and tidy.

The Clipper Jewel Trimmer is a great choice for young or nervous horses & ponies. It has low noise and vibration, which may help those that are spooked by louder clippers. When fully charged it has a fantastic 5 hours run time, with only 3-5 hours charge (dependant on use). It includes blade comes that offer a variety of different lengths.

The Liveryman Harmony Plus Clipper is a professional clipper, which can be charged for 2 hours use and has a battery pack for an additional 3. This portable clipper won’t need a mains supply when in use, so is easy to use in any location. It comes with three blades of different widths. This clipper runs quietly, making it another good choice for nervous horses and ponies.

We also have Smart Tails mane and tail thinners. These are easy to use and can “pull” tails and manes in minutes – a quick and easy grooming solution. They easily thin thick hair, without discomfort to your horse.

For quick trimming of whiskers, we have disposable razors from Equi-Shave. With a blade guard to prevent mistakes, perfect for a quick tidy up before shows and competitions.