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Miscellaneous Boots

Shop at Ayr Equestrian for a large selection of Horse Boots – from every day boots to boots offering extra protection while traveling. In our Miscellaneous category, you’ll find Hock Boots, Pastern Wraps, Gel Boots, Knee Boots and Fetlock Rings. View products from top brands Roma, Prolite, Acavallo, and JHL.

The Prolite Pastern Wrap helps to speed up the healing of skin conditions in horses and can be used as a preventative measure when being turned out in wet weather. The special design fits in to the awkward area, protecting it from mud and water – this can speed up the healing of cracked hooves and mud fever.

The Acavallo Gel Boots are designed to provide protection to your horse’s hooves. Giving protection against overreach injuries, they also help to support horses with collapsed heels.

Knee Boots are also available – these tough and durable boots are still easy for your horse to move in while offering them protection on their knees. They can help to protect from knocks and bruises from impacts and are a good preventative measure for unstable or younger horses.