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Bandages, Wraps & Padding

Browse a great selection of equine Leg Bandages at Ayr Equestrian. You can use bandages on your horse to provide protection while travelling, provide protection and support while schooling or competing and to hold dressings in place & offer support to injured limbs. For pads and wraps to wear under your horse’s bandages, view our “Bandages and Under Padding” category.

Eskadron fleece bandages are available in multiple styles and colours, and are the perfect bandage for matching to the rest of your horse tack. Choose from their regular or Premium range, each offering a different design. Eskadron bandages come in a variety of colours, and the Platinum range are designed to coordinate with the rest of the collection.

The Premier Equine Polo Fleece Bandages come in a range of traditional colours. The high-quality fleece is breathable and provides excellent support.

The Roma Acrylic Stable Bandages are suitable for travel and exercise, alongside stable use.

It’s recommended to use padding underneath your horse’s bandages – please see our Bandages and Under Padding category for our full range. We have a choice between individual pads and reusable material wraps.