New Pessoa Winter Rugs - What Rug to Choose?

Pessoa Winter Rugs

The weather’s turning cooler and it’s time to think about winter rugs. After our best-selling summer range of Pessoa rugs, we’ve got an exclusive and great value for money winter range with something to suit every horse and rider. Prices start at just £30, making them an affordable choice this season.

With different weights of stable and turnout rugs, your horse can stay dry and warm all through the colder months.

Stable Rugs:

Available in a standard neck (medium weight only) and combo neck, your horse will be cosy and warm when wearing one! With a stylish blue plaid design, these rugs are soft and comfortable. The medium weight rug is perfect for cooler weather and using on non-clipped horses. If your horse is clipped, it can be used as an under rug when the ice and snow appear. It’s available in a standard or combo neck. The heavy weight rug (400g of polyfill) is ideal for using on its own during winter.

Both weights and styles of rug have twin adjustable chest enclosures, removable and adjustable leg straps, and a fleece wither pad to help prevent rubbing. They also have a generous shoulder gusset.

Pessoa Standard Neck Stable Rug

Medium Weight Standard Neck Stable Rug - £30

Pessoa Stable Rug Combo 200

Medium Weight Combo Stable Rug - £39

Pessoa Stable Rug Combo 400

Heavy Weight Combo Stable Rug - £45

Turnout Rugs:

As the wind and rain starts to pick up, you’ll want to keep your horse warm and dry when they’re out in the field. Our Pessoa turnout rugs will keep your horse comfortable, and are also available in a choice of weights and necks.

For unclipped horses and milder weather, a 200g medium weight turnout is ideal. As the weather cools down, or if you have a clipped horse, move on to a heavy weight 400g rug. All three of the Pessoa turnout rugs are in a classic navy colour, are fully waterproof & breathable, with a 600 denier outer. They also have shoulder gussets for your horse’s comfort, adjustable cross surcingles, front enclosures, and adjustable/removable leg straps.

Pessoa Turnout Standard 200g

Medium Weight Standard Neck Turnout Rug - £39

Pessoa Turnout Combo 200g

Medium Weight Combo Turnout Rug - £49

Pessoa Turnout Combo 400g

Heavy Weight Combo Turnout Rug - £54

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