Majyk Equipe XC Elite Boots - New at Ayr Equestrian

Majyk Equipe XC Boots

New to Ayr Equestrian, all the way from the USA, are the Majyk Equipe Elite XC Boots – colourful, comfortable, and ultra protective!

Made with a unique fit that doesn’t inhibit your horse’s movement, they’re constructed from a super strong, lightweight, rip-stop material. Inside is a four-way flexion strike plate – it works with your horse’s movement and forms a hard wall when struck. Here it is in action, protecting a wine bottle from being smashed by a bowling ball:

Majyk Equipe XC Elite Boots

Majyk Equipe’s cross country boot is perfect for competitions and high level eventing. We have a range of colours available in both front and hind leg pairs.

Alongside the Four Way Flex Guard, the XC Elite boots have additional impact protection with ARTi-LAGE technology. This is a material that lines the inside of the strike guard area for even more protection. With a non-neoprene bio-foam interior, your horse’s legs will stay clean, comfortable, and still be breathable.

Not only do they provide great protection for your horse, but they’re also super easy to clean. The outer shell features a “Forever Clean” breathable coating, as the boots repel water and dust, and any mud or debris that does stick will slide off as you rinse them.

XC Elite Boots – Front

Majyk Equipe XC Boot Front Turqouise

XC Elite Boots - Hind

Majyk Equipe XC Boot Hind Orange

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