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Shop for Clipperman trimmers and clippers here at Ayr Equestrian. We have a great choice available and have products that cater for tidy-up trims to full horse clips. Battery and mains operated clippers are available, with cables on mains clippers reaching up to 5m and battery trimmers lasting for up to 5 hours. Replacement blades for your Clipperman products are also available, alongside maintenance oil sprays.

Our Clipperman trimmers and clippers are supplied in easy to carry, heavy duty, metal carry cases. They’ll keep all your kit safely together and is ideal for traveling to shows with.

The Baroness clipper is one of our most popular designs from Clipperman. Available in both a mains and battery operated version, the Baroness is lightweight and easy to use. It has a dual speed setting, allowing you to slow down on those tricky and sensitive areas and use the faster speed for larger areas of your horse.

Clipperman Baroness | Ayr Equestrian

The Clipperman Jewel is a smaller trimmer, which is ideal for tidying up hair on your horse’s face and legs. Like the Baroness, the Jewel trimmer features dual speed settings. The blade supplied is a two-in-one ceramic cutter and titanium coated comb and has four cutting lengths on it. The Jewel has a low noise and vibration – making it ideal for young or nervous animals.

Clipperman Jewel | Ayr Equestrian

Another top choice for tidying up your horse is the Clipperman Jester trimmer. Battery operated, it has a cutting speed of 3000RPM and two-in-one ceramic cutter and titanium coated comb. Similar to the Jewel, it has four cutting lengths. It also comes with adjustable combs if you prefer a longer cut on your horse. The Jester comes with two rechargeable batters and is super lightweight and easy to hold.

Clipperman Jester | Ayr Equestrian

Replacement blades for your Clipperman trimmer or clipper are also available. Your blades can be kept in their best condition with the use of clipper oil while they’re in use and by using blade wash spray once you’re finished using them.

For our full Clipperman range, click here. We have a great selection of clippers and trimmers to suit everyone and their horse’s needs.

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